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Siegel Suites: No-Credit-Check Apartments, Offering Weekly Rates, Month-to-Month Leases and Eviction-Friendly Rentals

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Siegel Suites Weekly Rentals | Accepts Evictions | No Credit Checks

Siegel Suites Weekly Rentals | Accepts Evictions | No Credit Checks

Siegel Suites offers affordable, second-chance apartments with property locations mainly across the South & Southwest, but also in the Toledo, Ohio area.

Understand that when I say "affordable" I do not mean "low income." I would say their rental rates are affordable to a single working person who is making at least $13 an hour, or two people making minimum wage and splitting the cost.

标榜自己“flexible-sta Siegel套件y" rental chain that offers studios, 1 bedroom, and 2 bedroom apartments. Whether they are called "flexible stay" or "extended stay" it's all really just the same thing--a quick way to get a place to stay without a lot of hassles.

Because they advertise no-credit-check apartment rentals, their units might be perfect for someone with bad credit or no credit. This is especially true for someone who cannot get an apartment because of an eviction on their credit history.

If you're tired of submitting application after application, only to lose the money you shelled out for high application fees, you might want to check out what they have to offer, so keep reading...

The Basics

Siegel Suites works hard to brand itself as a low-cost housing option for prospective tenants who are interested in avoiding the long-term commitment of a lease.

The advantages of a no-credit-check apartment option should be fairly obvious for people with bad credit or evictions, but it also works well for those who are simply looking for short-term housing options.

Whether you are attempting to relocate to a new city, you need to move but you do not have the up-front cash for security deposits and first month's rent or you need temporary housing for a short-term stay in one of the cities they serve, Siegel Suites could possibly be a life-saver for you.

The Features:

  • Fully Furnished Apartments
  • Weekly or Monthly Payment Options
  • Small & Large Studios, 1br & 2br Options
  • Same-Day Move-In Options
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • No Credit Checks
  • Short-term Leases
  • All Utilities Included
  • Bad Credit Accepted
  • Evictions Accepted
  • Pet Friendly
  • High-Speed Internet
  • Premium Cable TV
  • Swimming Pools
  • On-site Laundry Facilities
  • BBQ Grills & Gazebo Areas
  • Affordable Rental Rates
  • Select Premium Locations

在链提供独特的活跃s is an opportunity to earn FREE STUFF with theirSiegel Rewardsprogram. It is a membership that is free to join and it offers bonuses on a points-based system.

Siegel Rewards offers bonuses like FREE RENT, free slot play at locations near a casino, Visa gift cards, and gift cards to places like Regal Cinemas and Subway stores.

Again, it is free to sign up, so it seems like a no-brainer to join the club; please remember to ask for a membership application.

In addition to their flagship cheap rental options, Siegel Suites offers morepremium brandof weekly rental and month-to-month rental options with theirSiegel Selectbrand of locations.

Siegel Select comes with a higher price tag, they offer nicer units with upgraded features like renovated locations, flat-screen TVs, housekeeping services, fitness centers, hardwood flooring, and more.

For me, this one is going to be a toss-up, I can't really see too much of a difference between their regular locations and their选择ones. If your goal is to rent at Siegel Selects property, make sure to ask what the upgrades are and then you can better determine if it's worth the higher rate.


Of course, all of the flexible leasing options may sound great, but none of it really matters if there is no location near where you want to be.

更实惠Siegel套件地点Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Ohio.

The premium Siegel Select offers locations in Alabama, Arizona, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, Tennessee, Texas, and Louisiana.

Weekly & Month-to-Month Rental Rates

The affordable housing, traditional Siegel Suites Flexible-Stay, all-inclusive apartment rental rates start at just $189 per week.

Their more premium rental sites at Siegel Select can be as low as $164.05 per week if you choose to opt-out of the weekly housekeeping and linen change services.

Siegel Suites tend to offer larger units and more unit type selections and they all usually require a 30-day minimum stay.

I often hesitate to include actual rates in these articles, so just know that the above rates are current at the time of publication, you need to call the properties directly for current rates.

Apartment Reviews

Reviews for the Siegel Suites are going to vary greatly by location. For example, according to Tripadvisor, the Boulder Highway location in Las Vegas, Nevada garners an average rating of 3.0 out of 5. Whereas the McDowell Road location in Phoenix, Arizona garners a subpar rating of 2.4 out of 5 on Google Reviews.

In addition to the varied ratings, the type and unit size offerings will widely differ as well. For instance, the Toledo, Ohio location's aesthetic is more similar to a traditional apartment complex, whereas the Albuquerque, New Mexico location looks more like a traditional hotel.

Apartment Reviews Widely Vary by Location

Apartment Reviews Widely Vary by Location

Final Verdict

The Siegel Suites flexible stay chain and its sister properties at Siegel Select, offers weekly and monthly apartment rentals to individuals who would most likely have a tough time finding other rental options.

If you choose to stay for a week, a month or if you want to or need to make it a permanent stay, you should always be aware of your surroundings.

While this advice may seem like common-sense to a lot of people, it is still well worth repeating. Because of the transient nature of the typical temporary dweller at these locations, you need to stay vigilant -especiallyif you are bringing children with you.

Again, due to the temporary nature of the properties, and the cheap rental rates at some of the properties, they may not always be the nicest units and/or in the best parts of town.

However, if you do your best to make and keep your unit as clean as you can and keep your family as safe as possible, Siegel Suites may be the lifeline you need to help you get back up on your feet.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Rachelle Williams (author)from Tempe, AZ on February 22, 2021:

Hi MsDora! You hit the nail right on the head with that one! I never thought about how moving into a fully furnished unit would make life easier when it comes time to move into better digs. Thank you for your helpful insight!

Dora Weithersfrom The Caribbean on February 22, 2021:

This article is very helpful for folks looking for a breakthrough. Fully furnished is quite an appeal. Makes it easy to move on when things get better. Thank you, Rachelle.

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