Journalist's body dumped along highway

After armed men snatched her from her home, Mexican journalist Anabel Flores Salazar ended up dead, her body discarded along a highway — the latest example of the dangers facing media in parts of Mexico. Source: Top Stories

Should we worry about gene editing?

The possibility of altering or “enhancing” future humans may seem like science fiction, but may soon be possible, writes Robert Klitzman. Source: Top Stories

George W. Bush cuts radio ad for Jeb

As Jeb Bush plows ahead to South Carolina following his better-than-expected New Hampshire primary finish, George W. Bush is hitting the radio waves on behalf of his younger brother. Source: Top Stories

Horses recognize human emotion

Horses can distinguish between happy and angry facial expressions on humans, a new study has shown for the first time. Source: Top Stories

Weed users' poorer memory in middle age

People who smoked weed regularly as teenagers remembered fewer words as they entered middle age, according to a new study published online by JAMA Internal Medicine. Source: Top Stories